The Girlfriend’s Guide to Super Bowl

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The Girlfriend’s Guide to Super Bowl


One of the most anticipated days of the year for most Americans is Super Bowl Sunday. The excitement of the game, rooting for your favorite team, glutinous snacks, half time show, and the best commercials of the year are just a few of the highlights. But in the midst of all of this masculine commotion, what role should the girlfriend play?

Well I’m here to help…

Here are a few tips to make your boyfriend and all of his friends vote you as “MVP!”

1. Game Day Gear: 

The key to the perfect game day outfit is casual but cute. You don’t want to come across like you are trying too hard, but you do want to show off your assets. Comfort is key. Do Not wear Stilettos. They scream trying too hard for such a casual event. Do wear a block heeled bootie or sneakers. For example,…..


2. Have a Game plan:

Plan, Plan, Plan! Prepare a timeline and stick to it. You want to avoid stress.

  • Go to the grocery store the day before.
  • Decorate in the morning.
  • Prepare all dishes that can be pre-made and stored in the refrigerator the night before.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Set up your first round of snacks about 30min-1hr before.
  • Pace yourself
  • Put the beverages on ice an hour before to ensure they are cold before guests arrive.
  • Play music as guests arrive.
  • Set timed reminders in your phone to set out each course and refresh drinks and snacks
  • Use Pinterest the encyclopedia of life as a resource.


3. Gotta have Bars:

Super Bowl themed bars are the way to go. I’m not talking sports bars or rap lyrics; I’m talking  Chip & dip bars and nacho & taco bars. Setting up self serve bars allow guest to customize their dish to their liking. It’s an error free way of

accommodating your guest. Take care of the basic options then offer a few unique choices as well to spice things up. Be sure to use warmers for all meat and hot dips.



4. Be Hospitable:


adjective: hospitable

    1    friendly and welcoming to strangers or guests.”two friendly, hospitable brothers run the hotel”

       synonyms: welcoming, friendly, congenial, genial, sociable, convivial, cordial, courteous;

Enough said…Basically just be nice to everyone. That is not the night to confront anyone about any past issues. If you do not like one the guest attending, simply kill them with kindness. No one likes Drama! It is the best way to kill good vibes. The goal is to make a great impression and to keep ALL guest happy.

But remember… your man comes first! Keep his glass and his tummy full 😉

5. Stay out the way!

Be noticed but not seen. Do not stand in front of the TV! Essentially you should be the ghost that miraculously refilled the glasses and threw away all the empty plates.

Whether you’re a girlfriend, future wife, wife, or single woman trying to impress your crush, these simple tips are bound to aid in a touchdown for you at the end of the night. Have fun, enjoy the process, mix and mingle, and don’t over think it.

Good Luck!


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