The Perfect Hostess

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Are you the perfect hostess?

Do your friends look forward to visiting your home? Or, get excited when they find out you are planning the evening?

Being a great host does not require a PhD, but there are a few items and techniques that will earn you the title “Perfect Hostess.”

1. A Good Bottle of Wine:

Always have a good bottle of wine. Good does not have to be expensive, but have a good understanding of your local wine selection. I recommend keeping your bar stocked with one white and one red wine plus a bottle of champagne or prosecco at all times.

2. Serveware:

A classic white serving tray brings a sense of class to presenting any dish. PSA: aluminum pans are never classy. They are only expectable at out-door BBQs. HomeGoods has a plethora of affordable options.

3. Fresh Flowers:

From the aroma to the beautiful aesthetic, a fresh flower arrangement gives that extra pizazz to any room.

4.Good Tunes:

In your spare time compose a few different playlist so that you are ready for any occasion(dinner party, date night, game night, girls night). Tidal and Spotify have some great pre-made playlist if you would like to take the lazy route 😉

5. Coffee Table Books:

Not only do they add style to your coffee table, they also show personality. While you’re preparing cocktails or greeting new guest that have arrived be sure to adorn your table with a couple of books of your interest. It will keep guest entertained. Remember the more intriguing the coffee table book the more interesting the conversation that will be provoked. Here are a couple from my collection written by two of my favorite designers.

6. Framed Wifi password:

Nothing is more annoying than your microwave generation guests hounding you asking ” what’s the wifi password?” Make it easier on yourself and display your wifi information within a pretty frame. Then when they ask, you can simply point to the frame. You will thank me later.

7. Guest Basket:

One of most travelers’ favorite luxuries of hotels are the amenities. Why not offer your guest the same luxuries at your home? Start by collecting or purchasing travel size samples or toiletries and assembling a basket or jar ,as displayed here, of items for you guest to enjoy. No matter how well you pack, you always forget something. When that occurs for your guest they’ll appreciate your care package. Display this basket in your guest bedroom or bathroom. Bonus: if you want your guest to take their shoes off offer spa slippers or socks.

8. Candles:

Every home has a scent. That scent is the first impression your guest perceive as they enter your home. Keep a collection of your favorite scented candles and be sure to light them about an hour before guest arrive to illuminate the air. My personal favorite is the stress relief candles at Bath and Body Works. My home smells like a spa and I instantly feel relaxed when I hit the door. Bonus: Bath and Body Works also offers wall flowers of the same scent 😍🙌🏽

9. Cook Books:

Every hostess should have a selection of cookbooks. They offer inspiration and direction when you are planning your menu. You do not have to be a chef to prepare a good meal. You just have to know how to follow direction. Be sure to collect cook books that feature a variety of types of cuisines. Food is often the center of gatherings. Offering international dishes can be an inspiration to a theme of an event. Bonus: Have your grandmother write down the secret recipes of your favorite dishes. They are family heirlooms that should be cherished and passed down. My sister and I take pride in hosting thanksgiving using our mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes.

10. YOU:

You are the key to being the perfect hostess. Have fun. Show your personality. Enjoy entertaining your friends and loved ones. Create memories that will last a life time.  Live in the moment.


What are some items that aid in your hostess abilities?







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