No pressure Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Often times, couples feel an increase of anxiety around February 14, especially the male species. While Valentine’s Day is known as a day of love where you celebrate your love for your special someone, it is not meant to be a stressful experience.

That being said, here are a few date ideas that are sure to take the pressure off of planning your Valentine’s Day date and focus on connecting with your significant other.

1. Cook a meal together 🍽

Choose a dish you both enjoy, make a grocery list together, grab your ingredients, then get to cooking. Add a few bottles of wine and your date night playlist to the mix for the perfect night in. You can go out to eat any night.

2. Painting class🎨

Channel your inner Picasso and take your date to your local Sip and Paint for libations and creativity. At the end of the night, you will leave with a new memory and a keepsake.

3. Wine tasting🍷

Whether you choose to attend a local winery, wine dive, or create your own flight at home, wine tasting is always fun. If you choose to do an at home wine tasting, research and purchase some local wines. Make it into a game by covering each bottle with a paper bag and challenge your date to a “guess the wine”game.

4. Ballroom dancing lessons💃🏽🕺🏽

Show your date your moves and connect on the dance floor. Let the rhythm take over you as you let loose and enjoy the moment. Even if you suck it will still be a great night filled with laughter.

5. Shooting range🔫

Bonnie and Clyde ain’t got nothing on you and your boo. Take out life’s everyday stressers on your target as you and you boo compete for “The best shooter.”

I hope these ideas give you some innovative inspiration. Valentine’s Day is about connecting with your boo. Don’t get hung up on the superficial stuff. Get creative and have fun!

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