Business, Brunch, and Bubbly 

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Business, Brunch, and Bubbly! Could a girl ask for a better combination? Ladies who Brunch produces events for women to network, learn, and be inspired. The Connect did just that. I left the event feeling empowered by Kahlana Barfield Brown (Instyle Magazine Editor-at-Large) and Monique Rodriguez (Creator and CEO of Mielle Organics) journeys to success.

As I listened to the two women share their experiences and give keys to success, I often found myself reflecting on the similarities between my life’s challenges and the challenges that made both women into diamonds. Needless to say, hearing from ladies who made it through the storms gives you strength, determination, and vision to continue on your personal path to success.

My highlight of the event would have to be, meeting Kahlana. As a fellow HBCU grad and fashion enthusiast, she is huge inspiration to me. While sharing brief words, the positive vibes oozed from her presence. I watched as she took the time to meet every women in line and share words of encouragement. It is refreshing to witness this humble personalty in a world that seems to be filled with narcissist.

Here are a few of the major keys I picked up from the panel discussion…..


10 of Kahlana Barfield Brown and Monique Rodriguez’s Major Keys to Success

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Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Purse: Jimmy Choo

Brooch: Chanel


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Who is your fashion icon inspiration?


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